I am a Ukrainian!Please, be happy - I am a Ukrainian.
My parents and my relatives are Ukrainians. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and live just there in Shevchenko boulevard. I've finished 8 classes at general education high school #58. I became a student of Ukrainian Humanitarian Lyceum, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University, in September, 2005. In addition to that, I study English. I am into folk Ukrainian dance and attend a choreography school with the Pavlo Virsky folk dance group. I have performed with that group in the best concert halls of Kiev. My interests are very diverse. 
I do genealogical research together with my daddy  (Professional historians helped us perform the genealogical research of our family). This allows me to be sure about my Ukrainian origin. 
Together with my mummy, I like growing flowers, and, sure enough, I do love candies and chocolate bars. 
We have a pussy-cat named Cleopatra. We call her tenderly - Klyopa.
The computer, Internet, web-site designing - all those help me learn information about the world's structure and expand contacts with people. 

I collect soft toys. 
Send them to me - I wouldn't mind.

Yanna is a female name derived from Yan (West Slavic and Baltic version of the name Ioann, Ivan). By another hypothesis, it comes from the Latin name Yanus (an ancient Italian god, the god of sun and light)
She is stubborn in her childhood, she can go hysterical at any moment demanding that one buy her something, would not listen to any explanation. Likes boasting to children her age about her fashionable frock, pedigree pup, another toy. A bit haughty. She is average at school, hardly wakes up in the morning, takes time to get dressed. Early to fall in love, but would not show her feelings and would not let anybody come near her. Her behavior is the behavior of a little capricious girl who needs to be continuously looked after and spoiled. Would be happy to live with Vasil, Yegor, Edward, Theodore, Stephan, Dmytro. Married life with Bogdan, Dennis, Vadim, Ruslan and Ghnat may be difficult. The name matches Leo, Cancer, Taurus rather than Virgo, Capricorn, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Scorpio.